So, what do we get?

An 8 hour wedding package, you receive 700+ high-resolution, edited JPGs.

These are all yours to keep, print and share with your friends and family.

Lifestyle session provide around 100+ images and Lovers sessions provide 80+ images.


What is Wedding + Elopement + Lifestyle photography exactly?

Wedding = Your wedding day

Elopement = A very small wedding, sometimes with only the couple and celebrant

Lovers = Couples & engagement

Lifestyle = Family, friends, children, portraits. 


Where do we go for our photo shoot? ( Lovers and Lifestyle sessions)

Somewhere local to you, if you have a location in mind, great! If you don't, we can brainstorm together and make some suggestions to help.


Are you able to travel interstate/overseas?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Passport is ready and we love to travel! Let me know your overseas wedding plans and we’ll work something out.


What equipment do you use?

I shoot Canon, a 5D mark III and 5D mark IV. Mainly prefer to use prime 85mm, 50mm and 35mm.


How soon do we get our edited photos after the day?

A lovely little package will be delivered between 6-8 weeks of your wedding day as well as an online gallery.


What do you “do” to the photos?

Editing is on the lighter side; I don’t use heavy Photoshop on your photos. Some colour editing, sharpening and softening in images as well as contrast and black & white conversions.


What time of the day should we have our shoot?

Lighting is a big factor in photography. We encourage you to try and maximise "the golden hour", the sunlight found about an hour before sunset. It's also amazing lighting at sunrise, so are you willing to have a dawn shoot? Then so are we (trust us, it's worth it).


So we aren’t that great at posing...

Don’t stress! I hear this all the time.I’m not big on over-posed photos, and would rather capture genuine moments and honest emotions. Think natural. Gentle direction and spontaneous moments.


What do we wear for our session?

We only work with matching outfits.... J/k! Wear something pretty that you are comfortable in, and that is your personal style. Maybe avoid any large logo designs that can be distracting (think von dutch hats, don't remember those? we wish we were so lucky)


Do we need to feed you on tour wedding day? 

Yes! For a wedding day, photographers need to eat too so that we can do our job well. Please provide us both with a meal - best to have it organised when you are both eating - you don't want to be photographed during your dinner and we don't want to be late to anything important such as speeches or you first dance.


Do we need to give you a “shot list” or “inspiration board” for our wedding day?

A shot list or inspiration board is not necessary; I work candidly and on the spontaneous side to capture the day as it unfolds. Every wedding day is unique, relax and go with it!

All I really require is a running sheet of the day, with included names, important addresses and mobile numbers. Also a list of which family portraits you’d like taken (maximum 8 groups).


Nooo! It’s raining on our wedding day!

Rain can provide stunning images on your day, we will just head out with some umbrellas! Don’t worry; we have you covered (pun intended)

Lifestyle and Lovers sessions can be rescheduled due to poor weather subject to availability, but like a rainy wedding day, it's not necessary (rain can be fun).


How do we make a booking?

Send me an email and I'll get the ball rolling.

I will send you some information and a photo agreement for you to read through and sign.

If you chose to book, a 20% deposit to book your wedding date is required. The final payment is due 4 weeks before the wedding.

For Lovers and Lifestyle, full payment is due a week prior to your shoot date. 


Do you do newborn photography?

Yes I can photograph newborns. My style of photography is very candid and I don't use props in our shoots. The lifestyle sessions are about capturing spontaneous, natural moments. So if you want photographs with your new little one (or even slightly older little one), I'd want you to genuinely interacting with your child, holding them, hugging them while we capture those moments. When possible, I prefer to work outside, but I can cater to your needs (like inside your home).